What floats our boat?

To be honest, we were driven as much by frustration as by passion.
We’ve been building great desktop websites for years, but as the mobile web has grown, we’ve been consistently underwhelmed by what we’ve seen. So as we watched mobile get steadily grow, we thought: why don’t we try to make it better? And why don’t we work with clients who like to make things better too?

And that’s why we started Tactile By Design.

A free web, with access to all

One of the fundamental principles of the web is the provision of easy access. But when it comes to creating mobile-friendly sites, this concept often goes out of the window. Many site owners think that if their site can be found on a smartphone, then it’s mobile-friendly. But it isn’t. As a result, many organisations are alienating swathes of potential custom, and missing the amazing opportunity the mobile web presents. The internet is intended for everyone: whatever device they’re using, no user should be left behind.

Good experiences beat bad ones

They help you sell stuff too. It isn’t rocket science: the first priority is what the mobile user experiences. Regardless of how a site is found, or what it promotes, it’s got to perform. No ifs, no buts. And it’s not up to the user to do the hard work; that’s your responsibility – and ours too. So let’s not throw up obstacles to customers – many of them won’t give your site a second chance.

Get on the Happy Path

Newsflash: great content alone doesn’t lead to conversions. It’s how users interact with great content that is key. So, we believe in crafting a route through your content that brings customers closer to you. We like to call it the ‘Happy Path’. This path prioritises the most relevant content, the most compelling propositions on offer – into a natural order where visitors are most likely to convert to customers. (Think of it as a results-driven sitemap, with a little bit of heart and soul). We make it our business to develop this with you. Every site has an optimum amount of content that flows in a logical, user-friendly way. So every site can have a Happy Path.

Relax. We won’t break anything

But in defining the Happy Path, we won’t undo what’s gone before. We’ll keep your brand intact and your messages shiny. Content will always be king. Our approach is to find the touchpoints that help people act, without the extra fluff. So we’ll look at your analytics, see what content your customers follow, and the points at which they contact you. The focus is to prioritise – or reflow – the content that we know is working, and to enhance or revisit what isn’t. And we know how much SEO matters, so work already done on your original text won’t be affected – you’ll keep your rankings.

Make it gorgeous

We’re not into churning out off-the-shelf templates. They inhibit both design and function; they won’t do your brand justice; and they can’t support a proper online strategy. ‘Pay peanuts, get monkeys’, and all that. Instead, we bring mobile websites to life. Everyone responds to good looks and ability – and we’re driven by beauty, and obsessed with functionality. The combination of the most pertinent content from your desktop site – well mobilised and easily digested – with the rich features that tactile devices offer, moves traffic from your site and into your pipeline. It won’t hurt if people love using your site along the way.

To find out how we can dazzle your customers – drop us a line today.