What’s the point of any online strategy?

Ultimately it’s to drive revenue into a business. If you have invested in a website and you can’t prove that it’s helping your bottom line, then logically, it’s a waste of money. There’s a straight choice to be made: either change it so that it does, or bin it.

Good news is, the opposite also applies

If you CAN prove your online disciplines – social media, SEO, email marketing, whatever* – are delivering returns to your business, then great. So here’s the next bit of logic: if that investment is paying off, then do more of it. Just don’t limit it to desktop.

Capitalise on what works – and take it mobile

If your site is bringing in business then much of the hard work has been done. So here’s the final bit of the equation. Can everyone access all this amazing content? The sparkly SEO and the killer designs? After doing the hard yards, investing all that time and resource; is it going to waste because your site is meaningless on mobile?

Mobile customers want to see your good stuff in the best possible light – not to switch off because it functions terribly or looks dreadful. Going mobile will increase your site’s reach into the tactile realm; the ever-growing, soon-to-be dominant force that prefer to browse on smartphones and tablets. They’re here to stay and growing every day. So businesses need to go after them.

Every business is different…

No two organisations are alike, so how you do this is determined on a case-by-case basis. Real thought must be given to current user behaviours, target markets and budget. Most of this you’ll already have some idea about; if not then you need to work it out. We can help with that as well.

…But the challenge is the same

What’s crucial to everyone who takes their web presence seriously is that embracing mobility is unavoidable. You’ve got to do it if you want to stay competitive, do justice to your brand, grow your audience base and meet your customers’ needs.

* Oh. And if you are resourcing SEO, emails, social media etc, but are not analysing those results, then STOP doing them until you know they’re working.