Let’s break that down a little…

Think thumbs (and fingers). The thumb is the new mouse. Mobile-optimised emails offer generous touch targets that are easily spotted and can be clicked without error. Fonts are automatically resized, the whole piece is legible from the outset, and download times are swift. Delivering a practical and enjoyable experience to customers – in both mobile and desktop environments.

As a rule, users scan emails – and nowhere more so than on a smartphone. So pinching and zooming is out. The content must be easily viewed on a small screen, streamlined and prioritised so the primary messages are immediate, and the call to action is the one thing that you really want to do. [pulloutprimary type=”stat” source=”Litmus.com” icon=”icon-bar-chart”]Mobile email stats – an Infographic[/pulloutprimary]

When reading emails on mobiles, subscribers are generally on the move, and so interact with content differently. Angle the content so it’s relevant to the fact they’re out and about – drive them into a shop, or get them to take action that they might not do on a desktop. Why not subscribe to our mobile-friendly newsletter and you’ll receive the next edition – see for yourself how it looks on your smartphone.