First things first

So you realise that it’s time for a mobile presence. But before you start on your journey, there’s a few aspects to get a grip on.

Think three things

Get your head around three issues that go to the heart of your organisation: your business goals, your audience profile, and the activity on your current site. Early thought to these will help your journey to mobile be a fruitful one. Here’s some pointers:

1. Define your website objectives
What are you in business for? Take stock of your business goals. and pause to consider if your online strategy is helping achieve them. Is it clear what you stand for? Does your current site actually help customers find what they want? If you could wave a magic wand, how would you want visitors to act on your site? Many times, we’ve seen how a fresh look at goals such as these leads a business to refresh its messages and thereby enhance its overall presence. So never mind just the immediate issue of mobile; this exercise also improves your desktop – your messaging, the whole caboodle. We’ve got ideas about how to help with all that too. Drop us a line and we’ll show you how.

2. View your site through a mobile customer’s eyes
Empathy is everything. Do you “get” your user expectations, or haven’t you ever really appreciated them? The way they act on your website; the typical customer journeys and their most frequent touchpoints; do they dovetail with your own objectives? There aren’t too many shortcuts here; determining your objectives calls for some real grafting. Your desktop analytics will be the first port of call – learn how they spend their time, when do they convert and, crucially, where do you lose them?

3. Understand your website analytics
Analyse this – which customers are already mobile? This is an extension of your audience profiling. How does consumption of this content compare when viewed via mobile or desktop? Is it fit for purpose? Does it lead users to contact the business, to buy, to ask the right questions? Do they cover the activities you want them to? Where do you lose them on their mobile journey – and what changes must be made to keep them from falling away?


To App or not to App?

A quick aside here. The answers to the above might push you towards a mobile site, or perhaps maybe an App will be the answer. In most cases the decision will come down to what users need to achieve on your site. If the main requirement is delivering content quickly and clearly to a user, the answer is probably a responsive site. If the requirement is for users to complete certain or repetitive tasks quickly – you may wish to explore the app route instead. Get more on the Mobile Site vs App story here.

Contact the experts
Think of these pointers as freebies, the first stages of a vital process. By focusing on what our clients need, and what their customers want, we arrive at the mobile solution that fits. And you can be sure that will be the one that generates the best returns for your business.

We create mobile sites that function brilliantly, and make users happy. Let us help you do the same.