Why mobile matters

Mobile customers have a different mindset.
They are online often and with a common goal: swift access to relevant content. They expect minimal distractions but they want a joyful experience.

They want content as they press and click for it. So meet expectations.
Make customer journeys hassle-free, efficient and fun – whether it’s to call or email, purchase something, subscribe to a feed or watch a video.

A poor mobile experience can cost you business: Two thirds of customers don’t return to non-optimised sites.
Compuware: What Users Expect From Mobile 2011

Everything is headed mobile.
Slow page-loads and pinching and zooming just doesn’t cut it any more. There are now too many great experiences on mobile for you not to offer one too; and if you don’t, your customers may go elsewhere.

Businesses with a serious web strategy can’t afford to ignore mobile any longer.

Optimised sites deliver

Sites that don’t function well on mobiles and tablets are bypassed for those that do.
Optimising for mobile delivers proven competitive advantage, and helps stand businesses out from the crowd; ahead of the curve and keen to engage.

[pulloutprimary type=”stat” icon=”icon-cogs” source=”Omniture 2012″]Mobile sites deliver excellent conversion rates… …and produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit.[/pulloutprimary]

But optimising isn’t just about perception. It’s more fundamental than that.
Why do websites exist?  To deliver content. Essentially, optimisation is just a very practical way of giving mobile customers a direct path to the info they want.

The principle is effective communication. That’s not rocket science; it’s route one.

Get future friendly

The growth rate of the mobile web has already outstripped that of the “original” internet.
It will only go in one direction. There are billions of tactile devices, each one linking to the web in its own way. As these connections grow, forward-thinking businesses can make their mobile interactions positive and eye-catching experiences.

[pulloutprimary type=”stat” icon=”icon-thumbs-up”  source=”Gartner 2011″]Mobile use is exploding – is your site up to it?  By the end of 2013 more people will use mobiles than PCs to browse the web.[/pulloutprimary]

Because mobile visitors are coming: ready or not.
A tidal wave of mobile traffic – and prospects – is heading your way. There is a simple choice: ignore it, and opt out of the fastest growing, most disruptive medium there is… or be prepared, with an optimised site that offers exciting ways to innovate and thrive.